How to grow beans?

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Beans are some of the easiest vegetables to grow. This makes beans an ideal for new gardeners as well as loved by experienced vegetable gardeners. Beans are easy to grow from seed and teach kids about sowing, germination, and how seeds play an important role in growing food.

How to sow beans?

Like most vegetables, beans need a sunny spot. Beans can begin to turn into climbers if there is insufficient sunlight. Also, good drainage is very important otherwise the bean seeds can rot in the ground if it’s too cold or wet. If the soil is too heavy or clayey, you can add gypsum. Seeds need not be watered again until after new shoots show up. Af first, the plant will give out thick seed leaves and then the true leaves will soon emerge.

How to fertilize beans?

Beans are members of the legume family and have the ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen for its own growth. hence they don’t need a lot of nitrogen but do not more phosphorus and potassium for good growth.



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