Henderson Bush Lima Bean

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This variety of lima bean is known as the earliest among its peers. Its delicate buttery flavor is a true delight for the palate. The baby pods, measuring approximately 3 inches in length, are flat and contain 3-4 small, smooth, tender, creamy white beans. The bush grows erectly, producing pods continuously until the onset of frost, and it thrives in various soil conditions due to its hardiness and resistance to diseases.

This lima bean variety has versatile uses, including canning, drying, freezing, and fresh consumption, making it an excellent choice for home gardens and fresh markets.

Not only are lima beans rich in fiber and protein, but they are also low in fat. Their high magnesium content contributes to the relaxation of veins and arteries, thereby improving blood oxygen levels and nutrient circulation in the body. This nutrient-rich superfood can be easily grown right in your own backyard!

Moreover, lima beans act as nitrogen-fixers in the soil, enhancing soil fertility. After harvesting, chopping up the plant and incorporating it back into the soil helps enrich the soil with nitrogen, benefiting subsequent crops.
Size: 1/4 oz or 15 seeds per packet

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Henderson Bush Lima Bean Seeds
Henderson Bush Lima Bean